“Four decades in the Service
of the R.H.N.”

Athens 1971

Admiral Mezeviris through his Biography, Narratives and Books.

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Those who were still conscious were asking with anguish to learn about the fate of their
commander, whom they had adored.
“A sailor with an amputated leg lying nearby continually asked me “How do you feel Commander?”

  1. Electro technology – two volumes – (1916 – 17)
  2. Electro technology – two volumes – (1916 – 17)
  3. Textbook for electrical engineers (1920)
  4. Elements of Wireless Telegraphy (1922)
  5. Electricity Courses for Naval Cadets (1922-24)
  6. Electricity Courses for Naval Cadets (1922-24)
  7. Wireless Telegraphy Theory (1923)
  8. Wireless Telegraphy of Continuous Waves (1930)
  9. Wireless Telegraphy of Continuous Waves (1930)
  • Mediterranean Sea and its Strategic Significance (1957)
  • Modern Weapons and their Strategic and Tactical Application (1959)
  • The Conclusions of the Naval War in the Mediterranean Sea 1939-45 (1961)
  • The War on the Atlantic and the Submarine Warfare 1914-18,1939-45 (1964)
  • The War on the Pacific 1941- 45 (1967)
  • About a hundred articles published in “ESTIA” newspaper
  • Twenty three articles on subjects of naval science, published in “Naftiki Epitheorisis” (Naval Review)

We were accustomed in the past 5 months to execute our missions absolutely with no losses, and this first catastrophe of two fifths of an escorted convoy had distressed me. Admiral Cunningham, Commander-in-Chief- Mediterranean Fleet immediately redressed my morale. Smiling he said: “Captain you should realize that in the war you will have losses”.

The Naval operations of March 1941